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  • 21 HOURS AGO
    More good health news: Eating more fruit and veg 'lowers risk of heart disease, strokes and leg artery blockages' https://t.co/sVnA0tFj4n 💚
  • 11:07 AM   21 May
    We love friends with #persimmon trees 😍 #5adaynz #seasonalfruit https://t.co/PqoqNgFiME
  • 11:42 AM   18 May
    Examining the worm farm at the Waitakere Refuse & Recycling Centre #5adaynz #schooltrip #bestlearning https://t.co/wOr5CPFA0U
  • 8:10 PM   18 May
    RT @5adaynz: For educators - check out https://t.co/l0RiB1g5DU for all new interactive teaching resources linked to The NZ Curriculum 🍆🍎🍠🍊🍅…
  • 8:10 PM   18 May
    RT @5adaynz: Avocado industry almost reaches $200m record https://t.co/t9DkugEZCn Nice one! @jen_scoular #5adaynz
  • 10:39 AM   17 May
    Avocado industry almost reaches $200m record https://t.co/t9DkugEZCn Nice one! @jen_scoular #5adaynz
  • 11:37 AM   16 May
    For educators - check out https://t.co/l0RiB1g5DU for all new interactive teaching resources linked to The NZ Curri… https://t.co/dGLxbWOkcu
  • 12:03 PM   16 May
    Revisiting a #persimmon favourite - Baked persimmon with honey & vanilla bean. Recipe at https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9… https://t.co/eRQpumT56b
  • 10:51 AM   11 May
    @oaklandsmilk @HorticultureNZ A great event with some excellent talent 🎉🎉🎉
  • 10:50 AM   11 May
    RT @oaklandsmilk: Great to see strong competition @HorticultureNZ young grower of the year practical events today https://t.co/GW0IH5djqr
  • 10:33 AM   10 May
    Otago University research reveals how to make your vegetables last longer https://t.co/KCmxFDPYWv #5adaynz #storagetips
  • 12:40 PM   10 May
    Updated MOH activity guidelines - sit less, move more, sleep well. And don't forget to eat well 🍊🍐🍠🥔🥕 #5adaynz https://t.co/fa4tj8svcV
  • 12:35 PM   9 May
    Lately we are including #autumn fruit in #salads. Try our #Nashi Pear, Pecan and Mozzarella Salad. Great dose of fi… https://t.co/Z1AYUIL27s
  • 12:29 PM   9 May
    @oaklandsmilk Yep, agree @oaklandsmilk
  • 8:34 PM   5 May
    We love cauliflower at #5adaynz. Here are some reasons why: The vegetable that's cooler than kale https://t.co/0rpZJUumvw
  • 5:59 PM   5 May
    @Dr_Campbell @Pjduddy Can't wait for the action now we have the plan 🥑🍎🍒
  • 5:58 PM   5 May
    RT @Dr_Campbell: It was great catching up with our friends @5adaynz today to plan how we can help more kiwi kids eat healthy food. https://…
  • 10:28 AM   4 May
    Food as medicine: why do we need to eat so many vegetables and what does a serve actually look like? https://t.co/R1AlsJNr9k #5adaynz
  • 10:28 AM   3 May
    Who's loving #persimmon season? Persimmons are a source of Vit A - great for healthy skin & eyes 👀 #5adaynz #snacks… https://t.co/jJsBNuNjJ6
  • 10:53 AM   2 May
    Skin of #Nashi Pears contain 3-4x as many phenolic phytonutrients as the flesh so just wash & enjoy! #5adaynz https://t.co/FY1myazlOZ
  • 5:29 PM   29 Apr
    How about it?? 🥑 @NZ_Avocado @just_avocados @Jen_Scoular https://t.co/ygbRPXeqYp
  • 10:31 AM   26 Apr
    School holiday baking fun with the kids - #Feijoa Cake with Lemon #Passionfruit Drizzle. Recipe… https://t.co/hKB8m4ubAc
  • 1:02 PM   26 Apr
    More good news beetroot research: With beetroot juice before exercise, aging brains look 'younger': study https://t.co/0GoUYTKr9a #5adaynz
  • 6:47 PM   25 Apr
    RT @jamieoliver: Sweet potato fries anyone?? One of your 5 a day and they contain more vit C than regular potatoes! Winning!! https://t.co/…
  • 6:13 PM   21 Apr
    Kiwi-shaped #feijoa found in Auckland https://t.co/SkDyWOZOj2 #5aday.co.nz
  • 1:17 PM   20 Apr
    Look who loves a #feijoa! 💚 #5adaynz https://t.co/wwAgE1L7ba
  • 10:50 AM   18 Apr
    Add #passionfruit to #breakfast muesli & yoghurt to start the day well. It contains Vit C for healthy growth - grea… https://t.co/BI1PP0QpKS
  • 10:15 AM   17 Apr
    Govt cool with country of origin bill - Rural News Group https://t.co/PeG8NHl8TY #CoOL @HorticultureNZ #5adaynz
  • 12:24 PM   13 Apr
    Research: Eating fresh fruit daily could cut risk of diabetes by 12% https://t.co/OnFDeY8sH9 #5adaynz
  • 11:53 AM   12 Apr
    For a treat this Easter weekend try our #Feijoa, Ginger & Walnut Cake. Recipe at https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9 #snacktime… https://t.co/EHIdwZ77nB