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  • 10 HOURS AGO
    Fredge the celebrity at St Dominic's school spreading the good eating word about fresh fruit & veg 🥝🥕🍎🍠🥔#5adaynz https://t.co/92Ut1c8K0S
  • 12 HOURS AGO
    Great stuff Jazz Apple crew: Jazz gets boost at Tour de Fresh... https://t.co/3pyeWEDgLw #5adaynz
  • 10:05 PM   27 Jul
    Great news: Persimmon exports to China signed after 12 years of negotiations #5adaynz #NZpersimmon https://t.co/Sqv1dGqJft
  • 5:14 PM   27 Jul
    RT @producepronto: You heard right peeps! Now ProducePronto offers office lunch deliveries. Your office can chose Hot and cold... https://…
  • 5:13 PM   27 Jul
    RT @5adaynz: Sweet treats: Tamarillo tart with lemon & fresh mint. Recipe over on FB @5adaynz #tamarillo #NZcitrus @superbherbs #5adaynz ht…
  • 9:42 AM   26 Jul
    Sweet treats: Tamarillo tart with lemon & fresh mint. Recipe over on FB @5adaynz #tamarillo #NZcitrus @superbherbs… https://t.co/xo2CBlF5OC
  • 4:13 PM   26 Jul
    RT @MikeChapmanHort: 5+aday explaining importance of Potatoes in our diet at the Potatoes conference #horticulture https://t.co/Bk5OxmIPPU
  • 12:24 PM   26 Jul
    @PotatoesNZ @nikibezzant @ClaridgeChris Great presentation Niki! Nice to see you are as excited as we are about #potatoes #PNZ2017 #5adaynz
  • 11:48 AM   25 Jul
    RT @oaklandsmilk: @FarroFresh @PotatoesNZ conference telling their story. Better connecting consumers with their food @NZneedsCoOL @5adaynz…
  • 11:47 AM   25 Jul
    Great to be here at the Potatoes NZ Conference 2017 @PotatoesNZ #5adaynz https://t.co/hfKImVqZAu
  • 12:02 PM   25 Jul
    For or against?: Put vegetables in 3D printers to make children eat them, research suggests https://t.co/7wUTuNsOce #5adaynz
  • 10:59 AM   21 Jul
    Picked up some of these beauties at the Hobsonville Farmers Market #KaiparaKumara #5adaynz #sweetpotato https://t.co/v2RttlHCRf
  • 7:37 AM   20 Jul
    Going green with Broccoli Stalk, Leek & Blue cheese soup. Recipe over at FB @5adaynz @LFHW_NZ #BeAStalker #5adaynz https://t.co/lx38mVqyYm
  • 12:38 PM   20 Jul
    RT @freshmax_group: When new fruit lands, we get excited. We know what goes into growing quality fruit + we can't wait to see Sumo hit…
  • 9:07 AM   18 Jul
    @JoYohana @MikeChapmanHort Yes, but they taste great! #lovefoodhatewaste @LFHW_NZ
  • 10:07 AM   16 Jul
    #tamarillo season is here! These beauties are packed with Vit C & dietary fibre #5adaynz https://t.co/HimRoXr8j1
  • 3:37 PM   15 Jul
    @IAmDavidSmiler @Erin4121979 Buy in season for the best value 🥝
  • 8:22 PM   14 Jul
    RT @5adaynz: Scientists develop vitamin A rich bananas https://t.co/Kgbyj8ZMNg #5adaynz 🍌
  • 8:21 PM   14 Jul
    RT @5adaynz: Taking pics of #NavalOranges at Mt Maunganui #5adaynz #NZcitrus #rayofsunshine #vitaminC https://t.co/pwhwMjwcmL
  • 8:20 PM   14 Jul
    Taking pics of #NavalOranges at Mt Maunganui #5adaynz #NZcitrus #rayofsunshine #vitaminC https://t.co/pwhwMjwcmL
  • 6:49 PM   13 Jul
    Thanks @HorticultureNZ for including us in the programme today. Great conference! #hort17 #5adaynz 🍎🍊🥝🥑🥕❄️
  • 6:46 PM   13 Jul
    @plantandfood We loved the microscope 🔬 on your stand!
  • 11:24 AM   11 Jul
    @ClaridgeChris See you there @ClaridgeChris 🥔🍊🍎🥕🥒
  • 11:47 AM   10 Jul
    Research: Mediterranean Diet is The Key to a Long and Healthy Life, Study Proves https://t.co/iLWF8Ik6EL #5adaynz
  • 9:25 AM   9 Jul
    Scientists develop vitamin A rich bananas https://t.co/Kgbyj8ZMNg #5adaynz 🍌
  • 5:14 PM   8 Jul
    Add vegetables to your meal by replacing pie pastry with mashed #potato @PotatoesNZ #5adaynz #vitaminC #dietaryfibre https://t.co/oFFpXF9IzD
  • 10:09 PM   7 Jul
    @CHamiltonNZ @NZ_Football You're welcome! Good food fuels good performance 😊 🍌🍊🍠🥒🥝
  • 11:13 AM   6 Jul
    Get sorted with snack ideas for @AllBlacks game tomorrow. Thanks to @JuliaAndLibby #5adaynz #carrot #parsnip #chips https://t.co/5RHcn7KTSj
  • 6:40 AM   6 Jul
    Fredge working his moves @StageChallenge 🥕🥝🍎🥒🍠 https://t.co/ixT9ptaCS7
  • 10:56 AM   5 Jul
    What aren't brassicas good for? Vit C & folate in cauli, Vit A, B6, C, E, fibre in broccoli 👀💪🏽💚 @broccolilady… https://t.co/Vo5DlLCKmK