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  • 7:26 PM   22 Jun
    RT @JuliaAndLibby: As a 5+ A Day ambassador we attend the 5+ A Day/United Fresh yearly AGM in Auckland and this afternoon I went... https:/…
  • 3:45 PM   22 Jun
    United Fresh AGM w/ our friends @HorticultureNZ @PotatoesNZ @plantandfood @nzkgi @freshmax_group @oaklandsmilk https://t.co/yh7mnxITFU
  • 9:58 AM   20 Jun
    Great practical ideas to reduce waste on @TheAMShowNZ Jess @underground_kit. Mark needs to try our green soup!… https://t.co/0g45oTayx6
  • 1:53 PM   20 Jun
    This much colour has to be good for you! #kiwifruit #tamarillo #NZcitrus #5adaynz https://t.co/vmpf2i5TxO
  • 3:51 PM   16 Jun
    Very sad day at 5+ A Day HQ. We lost our sweet Hazel - friendliest, funniest, carrot-loving pup. We'll miss her 💚🥕🐾😢 https://t.co/1VJEf4pzZP
  • 1:28 PM   15 Jun
    Should NZ go this way? Fruit and vegetable subsidies may work five times better than soda taxes https://t.co/abRQ36itdM #5adaynz
  • 12:18 PM   14 Jun
    More parsnip greatness, Roasted parsnip & beetroot salad w/ mandarin. Packed w/ antioxidants. Recipe on FB @5adaynz https://t.co/fKel4HJbZZ
  • 12:13 PM   13 Jun
    Winter fruit to ward off winter bugs. Plenty of nutritious recipes at https://t.co/QRh4kkzz5w #Lovenzcitrus… https://t.co/Q2Vs0aABnu
  • 11:54 AM   11 Jun
    Canadians find Gardeners eat more fruit & veg than non gardeners #5adaynz https://t.co/wQV87E8zNh
  • 9:00 AM   9 Jun
    Check out this over-achieving lemon tree! #NZcitrus #winterfruit #VitC #5adaynz @HorticultureNZ https://t.co/C1umxE3yNC
  • 1:24 PM   9 Jun
    One serving of #carrots contains over 100% of your recommended daily intake of Vit A. Great for eyesight 👀 #5adaynz https://t.co/9DES3IhwEi
  • 12:26 PM   8 Jun
    #Parsnips are a source of niacin which helps to reduce tiredness. Parsnip inspiration at https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9… https://t.co/A6xyiThUV2
  • 10:04 AM   7 Jun
    New @minhealthnz report 'How We Eat' includes: Parental role modelling of fruit & veg consumption improves children’s intake @sarahtweetle
  • 1:04 PM   7 Jun
    This nutrition powerhouse is a good source of Vit. C, a source of Folate & Vit. E. Get into them! @ZESPRIkiwifruit… https://t.co/gpZfes8inU
  • 1:39 PM   6 Jun
    Brighten your afternoon with #mandarins & #mint @superbherbs #5adaynz #loveNZcitrus https://t.co/b25Rtn6W71
  • 1:32 PM   5 Jun
    Shall we cook these or have them raw? 🥕💛 #gardeningwithkids #winter #5adaynz https://t.co/pESTmpYXfv
  • 1:59 PM   1 Jun
    Afternoon tea with a view 🥝🍊#mandarins #kiwifruit #mint @ZESPRIkiwifruit @nzkgi #5adaynz @superbherbs https://t.co/viORMGUjLm
  • 8:21 AM   30 May
    RT @FiGreig1: Vege fuelled breaky. Thanks @5adaynz Great start to day 2 of #anaconference2017 https://t.co/VXvEovPIJw
  • 8:17 AM   30 May
    @FiGreig1 No worries Fiona! Enjoy the rest of the conference 🥕🍅🥝🥒🍎
  • 8:07 AM   30 May
    Kiwifruit science covered at 5+ A Day breakfast #anaconference2017 by Carolyn Lister @nzkgi @ZESPRIkiwifruit… https://t.co/p0hzQjsMQ3
  • 8:05 AM   30 May
    Great presentation by Carolyn Lister from @plantandfood at #anaconference2017 #5adaynz @oaklandsmilk #boysenberry https://t.co/wIMSoKs9Wa
  • 2:59 PM   30 May
    Snacks at #anaconference2017 🥕@ASWilcoxLtd #5adaynz @HorticultureNZ #vegetables.co.nz https://t.co/lKo42Yd1qA
  • 9:45 AM   29 May
    Opening screen #anaconference2017. Excited to hear Carolyn Lister speak at 5+ A Day breakfast @plantandfood #5adaynz https://t.co/Yzx432OMVd
  • 12:22 PM   26 May
    RT @plantandfood: $8.7 BILLION! https://t.co/CzMQzGfUxJ @HorticultureNZ @MPI_NZ @MBIEsci https://t.co/8dGpgqmULb
  • 10:51 AM   24 May
    More good health news: Eating more fruit and veg 'lowers risk of heart disease, strokes and leg artery blockages' https://t.co/sVnA0tFj4n 💚
  • 11:07 AM   21 May
    We love friends with #persimmon trees 😍 #5adaynz #seasonalfruit https://t.co/PqoqNgFiME
  • 11:42 AM   18 May
    Examining the worm farm at the Waitakere Refuse & Recycling Centre #5adaynz #schooltrip #bestlearning https://t.co/wOr5CPFA0U
  • 8:10 PM   18 May
    RT @5adaynz: For educators - check out https://t.co/l0RiB1g5DU for all new interactive teaching resources linked to The NZ Curriculum 🍆🍎🍠🍊🍅…
  • 8:10 PM   18 May
    RT @5adaynz: Avocado industry almost reaches $200m record https://t.co/t9DkugEZCn Nice one! @jen_scoular #5adaynz
  • 10:39 AM   17 May
    Avocado industry almost reaches $200m record https://t.co/t9DkugEZCn Nice one! @jen_scoular #5adaynz