Anatomy of a page

Anatomy of a page

A page appearing in the front end of the site is represented by an Entry.

Here we'll look at some of the parts of a typical Entry when creating content.


With most of our content, we have the ability to revert to a previous version. This can be useful if edits to a given Entry result in content being published on the site that doesn't have the appearance that we wish it to.

The versions menu, showing the history versions that the Entry can be reverted to.


Some Entries will contain a couple of tabs:

An example of the Content tab selected, showing the main page content.

Live preview

When creating or editing content, you often want to be able to see how it will appear on the front of the site. The Live Preview button makes this easy.

A video demonstrating the Live Preview functionality can be found on the Craft site.

The Live Preview button is found near the top right of the page.

Clicking the Live Preview button results in a preview of the content appearing, showing how the content will appear on the front of the site once it is saved. Note the Close Preview button at the top left, and the screen buttons in the top middle, allowing you to see how the content will appear on different screen widths.

Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor makes it easy to create compelling content.

Amongst other functionality, the Rich Text Editor provides you with the following tools:

In order to determine what each of the buttons on the Rich Text Editor menu do, simply hover over a button for a couple of seconds, and a descriptive tool-tip will appear.

The styles menu: selecting a style will result in the paragraph at the cursor being rendered with the chosen style.


The Image Uploader, which appears when you choose to add an image to the page. This allows you to select an existing image, or upload a new one.