The following are some of the key concepts regarding Craft CMS.

Fields, blocks, sections and entries


Fields are distinct areas used for creating content in the control panel. Certain fields can be made to be mandatory, such that a value must be supplied if a block is selected that contains a mandatory field. Mandatory fields will be marked with a red asterisk.

Fields may be of a number of different types, including:

A block showing a number of fields, including a Body field which is often used for the main content of a page. Note the block menu allows the block to be deleted if it is no longer needed.


Blocks are groupings of fields, and are typically organised in such a way that they can be created on the page as needed, and dragged into position.

A Section block, used to add generic content. Note the horizontal menu at the bottom of the page which allows you to create additional blocks.

Blocks can be rearranged on the page by using the icon at the top right of the block to drag and drop it to the appropriate position on the page. Note that not all pages will obey this block positioning.

Note the cloverleaf icon, used to drag the block up or down, allowing you to reposition the block and it's content.

We often use block containers to contain a number of other blocks, allowing us to have a hierarchical structure of content. For example, you'll often find that a Section Blocks container has been used to contain one or more Section Block blocks

Note in the image above that we show a Section Blocks container containing a single Section Block, but we could easily add another Section Block using the Add a block menu.

Block containers may have a Multiple Columns field, allow you to indicate whether the blocks should appear alongside each other in a two column layout, or whether each block should extend the full width of the content.

A Content Blocks container, showing the Multiple Columns field checked, meaning that the blocks will be arranged in a two column layout, as shown below.


Sections are groupings of blocks, used to group the types of content that can be created for a given Entry Type.

The image above shows an example of how we assemble different blocks together to make a section. This configuration is done by us at meBooks depending on the requirements of the content.


Entries are synonymous with pages, and are created via the Entries menu.

For example, to create a new News entry, you would visit Entries => News and click the "New Entry" button.

Entries can be one of three types: