Ordering resources

The resources ordering functionality covers two distinct areas:

On one of the resource ordering pages, the visitor to the website can choose the quantity of a given resource, and -- once they've filled in their details -- hit the Send button to submit the order.

The bottom of a resource ordering page, showing the fields where the user needs to enter their contact details, confirm the reCaptcha (to prevent us receiving order spam from automated bots), and the Send button.


Once the user submits the form, the following occurs:

An example of the confirmation shown to the user once the order has been submitted.


Each order created will appear in the Entries => Orders section of the control panel

Exporting orders

When Orders need to be exported to a CSV file, an Export can be performed via the Export CSV => Report menu. 

Exporting is a two-step process: 

Note that as well as letting you export orders, this screen also allows you to export event registrations in a similar fashion. 

The image above shows what happens once the generate button is clicked: the toast message CSV generator started appears, and so too does the Exporting CSV task, running immediately above it. Once the Exporting CSV task has completed, then you can click the download button to download the CSV file. 

When an order is exported, its status is set to "Expired" to indicate that it shouldn't be exported again, unless the "Status" field is changed accordingly.